Tulsa Tees Brain Trust & Graphic Designery

Tulsa Tees is a graphic design outfit whose eclectic mix of funny, geeky, way-cool stuff is in several online shops — cuz more shops means more products for YOU to find the right gift or shirt or mug or whatever.

Our Brain Trust produces several brands — Tulsa Tees (a smorgasbord), Deep Flux (abstract digital art), and Me Time (hobby stuff) — with gear at Zazzle, CafePress, Society6, and Customized Girl.  Click below 2 go!

Tulsa Tees banner image with skyline
A smorgasbord of geek, coffee, holiday & miscellaneous humor!
Tulsa Tees at Zazzle
Tulsa Tees at CafePress
Tulsa Tees at Customized Girl

Deep Flux banner image
Chill in a vibrant realm of abstract digital art and textures.
Deep Flux at Zazzle
Deep Flux at CafePress
Deep Flux at Customized Girl
Deep Flux at Society6 (specializing in framed prints and full-bleed mugs)

Me Time banner image
A hobby-themed upstart featuring stick people doing fun things.
Me Time at Zazzle

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Our stuff at ZAZZLE >>>
TulsaTees DeepFlux MeTime
Zazzle’s interface provides many customization options to the shopper.

=== Recent Designs ===

Cat kitteh eyes in a ninja mask sez I R NinjaTry a Different Horse - Get Back in the Saddle - attitudeTriMeth Trimethylxanthine Coffee Caffeine Addict - chemistry meth headEvolution chain turns into Men bathroom signPolar Vortex of Polar BearsCarbon Based Life Form molecule tee for adultsCarbon Copy chemistry molecule tee for kidsI was hungry and you cut food stamps - Social Justice JesusI was hungry and you cut food stamps - Social Justice Jesus on crossBecause Science memeHeart with Wings

=== Geeks & Gamers ===

Pixel Knight with gems on a gamer side questInternet Needs Moar Goatz for a good goatingGamers Play it Old SchoolArrow Knee WarningPeriodic Table of ElementsRocket FrogFlaming Head Hair on Fire Stick FigureClueless Users SQL StatementFree WiFi FistRage QuitBadasses of Science photo with physicists Einstein, Curie, BohrQuickly To the Internet stick manChic GeekFew Keys Short keyboard punNo Real Life Only AFKI Heart U I Love You I <3 U… and More! GeekGamerIcon

=== WTF Chemistry ===

MEH Element of Indifference - chemistryWTF Element of Confusion - chemistryLOL Element of Humor - chemistryOMG Element of Surprise - chemistryHAX Element of Deception - chemistryFML Element of Despair - chemistry

=== Coffee! ===

Life's Too Short for Bad Coffee stick figure guyCoffee cappuccino chemistry Cappuc8h10n4o2 caffeine molecule punI Don't Always Drink CoffeeCoarser Better Faster Longer punk coffeeCoffee Blues photoThereWillBeCoffeeIconCoffee Spoken HereCoffee Haiku poem poetryDont Talk Need CoffeeCoffee Power with green power buttonCoffee Power with blue power button

=== Miscellaneous Stuff! ===

Keep Calm meme with customizable textMy oxygen needs more brainThat's how I roll - Airplane illustrationWord Nerd. Kicking Adverbs. Taking Names.Kitty says Check MeowtTake Your Happy PillTo Air Is Human airplane illustrationAmbition and Plasma… and More! MiscellaneousIcon

=== Environment ===

EarthDay2014Wind Power Turns Me On - alt energyHydropower Makes Me Wet - alt energySolar Power Gets Me Hot - alt energyBlame it on El Nino - weather humor

=== Relationships ===

Gutsy ValentineNever Date a Meth HeadKiss Me You Fool in lipstick

=== St. Patrick’s Day! ===

Nothing is Worn Under My Kilt St. Patrick's Day punShow You My Craic - St. Patrick's Day punShow Your Craic - St. Patrick's Day punFlaming four-leaf clover for St. Patricks DayLuck has nothing to do with it - St. Pat's Day shamrocks

=== Halloween ===

My wife got my Halloween costume in the divorceRepublican Costume - Only give candy to the top five percentDemocrat Costume - Now share all your candyHalloween skull with orange glowing eyesHalloween Boo Skull with orange glowing eyesThis is my costume - I'm a Bastard This is my costume - I'm a BitchBottle-of-Boos Halloween ghosts pun

=== Thanksgiving ===

Thanksgiving - ThanksLiving is all year longHappy Thanksgiving Tryptophan molecule chemistry notationTryptophantastic Thanksgiving Turkey - tryptophan molecule

=== Christmas ===

Keep Calm and Bring Us Some Figgy PuddingA star, a star, dancing in the night - Christmas carol illustrationFrank Sent This - Christmas magi frankincense punChrome Christmas TreeChristmas Ball OrnamentsLet it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it SnowRed and Green Christmas StripesMerry Christmas and Happy New Year in LEETspeakDefinitely Naughty on Santa's listGold SnowflakeChristmas Tree Topper photoSanta - Four Stages of LifeThe World in Solemn Stillness Lay - Christmas carol illustration with Mary, Joseph, Bethlehem

More holiday categories…


Our stuff at CAFEPRESS >>> TulsaTees DeepFlux

Well, this is embarrassing.  We are WAY behind in getting these thumbnails onto the page! Anyhoo, Cafe Press is where Tulsa Tees got its start, and it is one of the most popular print-on-demand sites.

Click the “Tulsa Tees” or “Deep Flux” shop name above to go to our CafePress store!


Our stuff at SOCIETY6 >>> DeepFlux

Yeah, still no thumbnails.  Still embarrassing.  Society6, which is geared toward art prints but has other cool products, is the perfect place for the abstract ruminations on light and texture that define Deep Flux designs.

Click the “Deep Flux” name above to travel across the dark matter of your mind and chill in the vibrant realms of Deep Flux!


Our stuff at Customized Girl >>> DeepFlux TulsaTees

Same ol’ story: no thumbnails yet.  Sigh.  Deeply sorry about that.

But click on “Deep Flux” or “Tulsa Tees” above to go there and take a look around!